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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 3, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. ask. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a huge disappointment. >> it's only been a week, and already bart is getting bad reviewing for its brand new station. thanks for joining us today. the complaint today is that some bar passengers feel like they were sold a bill of goods. the sparkling new station to make the commute easier hasn't. we are live in freemont, matt? >> reporter: reggie, the problem is with the richmond line, there's no full service in richmond springs so there could be an extra stop. this brings commuters closer to
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the trains in the morning than ever before. but while people were excited about saving an extra ten to 15 minutes on the commute, many of those taking the richmond line didn't realize they'd get off at freemont to transfer to another northbound train. we road the 880 to the bart station and there were people exiting their train. you got off the train here at freemon and came from warm springs? >> it's a little inconvenient. i wish it was just all the way. >> reporter: extra minutes saved by a shorter commute are lost in the transfer. bruce drives in from santa cruz. >> came in monday morning when it opened, i was disappointed they were not just down one more station. it adds 15 minutes into the commute going in. >> reporter: bart says they're not enough cars for a two-route system, but are providing direct service for the peak times for the direction the majority of the people are headed. the line to san francisco gets priority.
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at 6:00 at night and the weekends it changes where the ri ri richmond line goes directly to warm springs. >> i like walking, what can i say. >> reporter: bart says the stations will face a similar situation when they open up later this year, but all of this should be solved with new cars in 2018. live in freemont. >> thank you, matt. zblnk a head's up if you are driving. it could be tough getting through a toll plaza because emergency repair work is underway. we were there at 7:00 this morning when crews began closing the three eastbound lanes on i-80 near the toll plaza. most of the damage is below the road's surface and should take several hours to finish repaving. all lanes expected to reopen at 2:00 today. new at 11:00, a san francisco police officer
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reportedly fired after sending anti-muslim text messages to colleagues. the police commissioner fired the officer last month at the recommendation of the new chief william scott. the officer reportedly sent messages on a private phone between 2014 and 2015 and discovered in last year's investigation into another racist text message scandal involving officers in the sunset district. new detills involving this garage fire. firefighters were able to get it under control before it spread to the home. it broke out on tomales. here's a look at the damage inside the garage. the southern fire protection district tweeted out that photo. it caused slight structural damage not garage next door, and robert sanford showed us the big flames. nobody here was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what started it. police investigate a deadly motorycle crash. they say it started as a
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disturbance call on adobe creek drive at 5:00 last night. when officers got there, there were two motorcyclists, tried to stop them, and both riders sped towards frates road. they stopped, one crashed. the rider died at the scene. the other arrested on suspicion of dui. concord police want you to look at this video. it's a suspect wanted for slashing tires on nearly two dozen vehicles. neighbor shared that video with us from his home off clayton road. showing that man walking up and crouching next to the truck saturday morning. tires slashed on more than 20 cars, trucks, and trailers. one driver says it was pretty obvious this was not -- that this was intentional. >> i looked over at my truck, that tire was flat, and then i peek over to my neighbor's and saw theirs was flat as well, and this was, like, somebody just came through the neighborhood
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and stabbed tires. >> reporter: the tires were slashed between 9:00 saturday night and 7:00 yesterday morning and asking anyone who lives in the neighborhood with surveillance cameras to check it out and see if they see anything on their video that looks suspicious. developing news in russia where the death toll is climbing after an explosion on a subway system. nine dead, 20 more hurt. abc's molly hunter is following this from london. >> reporter: multiple people dead and dozens injured monday when an explosion ripped through a subway car in st. petersburg. russia's national antiterrorist committee said an unidentified explosive device went off on a train traveling between two stations. seconds later, smoke fills one of the stations. these pictures posted on social media show the immediate chaos unfolding. people fleeing for safety. emergency crews rushing to the scene. helping the injured, rescuing
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survivors. russia's president putin was in the city at the time of the blast. he vowed to work with authorities to determine whether or not the explosion was a terrorist attack. he offered his condolences to the families of those kimmed. russia's main antiterrorist group evacuated the targeted stations, and meanwhile in moscow, authorities step up safety checks and tightening all security on the subway in the russian capital. the russian antiterrorism committee is saying that another bomb was deactivated at another train station. the entire subway system is down in st. petersburg and the assumption is islamic extremis s extremists, but no claim of responsibility yet. molly hunter, abc news, london. live to washington, d.c. we've been waiting all morning to see what would happen here with the supreme court nominee con fir ration for neil gorsuch. senate democrats have secured enough votes to filibuster his
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nomination. republicans are vowing to confirm him anyway. they are going to do that possibly by using a senate rule changing it, and going for the so-called nuclear option. this means it's simple majority of 51 votes would overcome the filibuster instead of the current 60 vote requirement. we'll continue to watch that. okay. a chance to step outside for lunch today you'll see it's lovely behind me. we are enjoying a gorgeous day outside again. check out the view from the explore tor yum camera at pier 15. blue skies, cooler today, and soak it up while you can. guess what returns by the end of the week? rain. our meteorologist is tracking what's in store. say it ain't so. >> unfortunately, it is so. live doppler 7 shows clear conditions in the bay area. currently 62 in san francisco. now, we're above average, for example, in san jose, average high of 68. enjoy the sunshine and warmth monday through wednesday, above average, and look how
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temperatures tumble towards the end of the week because of the incoming storm. it's a 2 on the storm impact scale out of 5. it's a moderate storm. there's a chance of showers thursday night into friday when it picks up. through saturday, total rainfall amounts from three quarters inch to 2 inches. check out the winds. talking 30-50 miles per hour. if you have to walk the dog on thursday, do so before the evening because that's when the rain starts to move in. heavier rain through friday and continuing into saturday. i'll have the a's opener forecast coming up in my next report, and i think better news for you there. reggie? >> okay. thank you. before you sigh because of the rain in the forecast, remember what that rain brings. beautiful flowers. in some places like we have not seen in years. abc 7 news reporter kate larson is live where hundreds of species are blooming as we speak. hi, kate. >> reporter: reggie, this is a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year, but if
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you're going to come just once, april is a great month because of all the heavy rains, the wild flowers and grasses are out in full force right now. like much of california, this is filled with a spectacular wild flower bloom this spring. >> this is a rare time because it's just a one moment every year that we see this beautiful bloom. >> reporter: staying amongst a carpeted yellow tiety tips in gold fields, that will be gone in a a few weeks, replaced by new wild flower species. this restoration ecologist explains just how unique this san francisco park is. >> there are 300 plants, native plants, that grow just here. that's an enormous amount of biodiversity for a small area. >> reporter: in a very small area at inspiration point, california lilacs, poppies, white and fluted bulbs thriving
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in tall grasses that this year's rains sent into overdrive. >> what we see is an incredible bloom in the wet years of competing annual grasses. these are grasses that have come from europe and other places, and so in really wet year, we sometimes see a reduction in wild flowers and the coast. >> reporter: now, it would be a great idea to come see the flowers now since the current bloom piqued last week, but if you missed the bloom, not to worry. this month, sometime in april, the endangered clark flower will bloom, about 100,000 of them. i would show you, but they are not out yet. they pique in may. there were two spots in the spire world where you can see this clark, one of them right here in inspiration park point, and then also at redwood regional park in oakland. definitely come out and enjoy the local parks, a lot to see this time of year.
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live, kate larson, back to you. >> something to look forward to, kate, thank you. we'll show you a really stunning look in st. louis of a gaping hole in the roof of a box company, an explosion there. the investigation underway after a boiler erupted. plus, it's spring, but you could still be at risk of getting the flu.
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we have developing news in st. louis where firefighters are trying to figure out what caused
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a deadly boiler explosion. you see the damage here. a gaping hole in the roof of the box company, and the debris scattered everywhere. this blast killed three people and left four others hurt. firefighters say the explosion was so violent that the boiler flew about 500 feet and crashed through the roof of a nearby business. this is a huge object. it's about the size of a van. you can imagine how powerful that explosion was. two of the four people injured are in critical condition. three nearby businesses were damaged by flying debris. developing news in colombia where a desperate search is still going on for hundreds of people missing after the massive mud slide. at least 262 people were killed here. torrential rain on friday night caused three rivers to overflow sending water, mud, and debris surging through a southern city. colombia's president visited the scene yesterday and blamed climate change for the disaster. he says the area received one-third of the usual monthly rain in one night.
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new details in the case of a missing tennessee teen and the teacher accused of kidnapping here. police in nebraska released this photo taken at mcdonalds last night in kearney. they think it's the 15-year-old. over the weekend, police in oek oklahoma released this video of the pair shopping in walmart. these are the first real leads for investigators since they disappeared three weeks ago. this shows small changes to the appearan appearance. the teen's hair is darker red, and his facial hair is brown. this sighting gives hope to the family. >> i feel hopeful i've seen her. elizabeth, if you can hear this, please come back to us. the two disappeared after he was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the teenage student. setting the standard for success. the new milestone, tesla just reached, and why things look to get better.
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a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. look at the blue
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happening today, time to play ball in oakland. if you have tickets, you're encouraged to gets there early for pregame festivities. the first 25,000 fans get an opening night pennant. first pitch at 7:05. you are thinking about the giants? they are action tomorrow against the diamondbacks. madison's two home runs was not fluff for the win, but set the mlb record for most opening
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home runs by a pitcher, so there's that. the opener is next monday. it's too early to predict what the weather's like then, but we do now for the a's tonight, it should be good? >> nice. clear skies, blue sunny conditions outside your door, and for tonight, you don't need a jacket when the game starts at 7:00. 65 degrees, sunny conditions, but at 7:35, temperatures drop into the 50s, and that's why you want to have a a light jacket handy. live doppler 7 showing blue skies, nothing but nice out there. there's a few live shots for you with current temperatures in san francisco, currently 59, oakland an mountain view already in the low 60s. san jose hitting 64, half-moon bay at 55. look at how quiet it is on the bay. as we look towards san francisco, santa rosa, napa in the 60s, upper 60s in fairfield, and concord at 67 degrees. the flags blowing at the bridge,
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and that breeze means slightly cooler temperatures this afternoon, especially along the coast and bay. we'll see mild temperatures and plenty of sun through wednesday, but then get ready, we're talking about rain. it arrives late thursday night, so be prepared for that. highs today are going to be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. breezy at the coast, 63 at half-moon bay, san francisco, 68, oakland at 7 it 2, and san jose, sunny, mild, 77. a few upper 70s there as well as inland areas. tonight, cooler as well with clear skies. lots of temperatures dropping into the 40s. in fact, 44 in santa rosa, mild in the bay and san francisco and oakland in the low 50s, and san jose down to 49 degrees. we'll bring back the storm impact scale. abc's exclusive scale ranks storms 1-5. friday's storm is a 2. that's moderate. up to 2 inches of rain, continuing into saturday, but
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gusty winds are problematic, 30-50 miles per hour. thursday, the rain is in the north bay thursday night. okay thursday, but friday, the morning commute will be quite messy. there's darker green as well through friday evening, and then it starts to taper off into saturday. check out the winds. near 40 miles per hour in north bay. areas of purple and red, strong winds continue friday all throughout the day. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we got sunny conditions and slightly above average temperatures over the next few days, in fact, we'll be near 80 by wednesday, and then those evening showers and the big changes come in thursday night, as we make our way into friday, looks like it's a rainy and windy day, and temperatures tumble into next weekend. saturday, looking pretty chilly, so we're going to start off the week sunny, mild, and end it wet and windy. >> you're right. we have to soak it up now. thank you, francis. it may be spring on the calendar, but that does not mean
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we're out of the woods with flu season. this morning, doctors warn about a second wave. the hardest hit areas are the southeast and minnesota. doctors warn it could spread anywhere any time. abc news chief health and medical editor on "good morning america" katoday with an importt warning. >> i got a flu shot and got the flu, could i get it again? >> unfortunately, you could. >> what? no. >> you could get in -- not the same strain. >> oh, lucky me. >> but you can get influenza in january, and then april and baseball season, you get b. >> so if you get the flu, doctor's best advice is simple. stay home. wash your hands a lot. avoid being around other people until you are feeling well again. now to the morning money report. excitement over tesla's model 3 boosted the company before the cars rolled off the production line. this morning, tesla passed four
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in terms of market value. bloomberg reports tesla is now valued at nearly $48 billion. even though it is the smallest publicly held u.s. car maker. tesla's scheduled to start production of the new model 3 by july. apple is considering selling a bundle of premium tv channels. texts report the bundle includes hbo,show thyme, and stars. they are available on apple tv already, but you have to buy them separately. right now, if you have all three premiums, it costs $35. we're waiting to see what kind of discount they give us to bundle it together. an inspiring story of determination and unbelievable will. coming up next, we'll show you what this incredible 8th grade
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flonase. 6>1 changes everything. coming up at 4:00, crack down on distracted drivers. clean energy powering your home, the concern for bay area cities gets the option starting today. the story is tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. wait until you see this kid. he's a florida teenager wowing the world for his fearle lesles spirit on and off the basketball court.
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he lost his arms as a baby due to an infection. did you see that? made that basket no problem. the 13-year-old loves to show off, and now he's an internet star. here's why. he led his teammates to victory after sinking a three pointer just before the buzzer in a middle school game. he says having no arms is not going to stop him from getting out there. >> i don't mind. i just boost me up with confidence, i try hard every day to stay positive, do whatever you can if you want to. >> he told espn he shot hoops at 10, just kept practicing, and, francis, he also plays the drums. >> oh, my gosh, so inspiring. he's better
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>> one of our contestants today may make more money in the next 30 minutes than they've made their entire life. this is pretty exciting stuff. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. so, we have just a little unfinished business to take care of first. all last week we had our whiz kids playing for some huge money, and one of them, well, he's not done making money. so please welcome back, from weston, florida, the best dressed kid you're ever gonna meet, he is whiz kid extraordinaire, 13-year-old charles horowitz. [cheers and applause] come on. hey, little brother. you ready to go? >> yeah. [dramatic music] ♪


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